योगेन चित्तस्य पदेन वाचां, मलं शरीरस्य च वैद्यकेन |

By yoga the mind is stepped by the speech, and the dirt by the body by the physician

-Patanjali, the father of yoga said

Our School Ideology Is Based On Three Cleanses :

1.One who cleansed his impurities of his mind through yoga

1. Yoga Sutras

2. Asanas

3. Alignment

4. Anatomy

5. Pranayama

Darshan Ji at Prakruti Yogashala
Yoga Practice
Yoga and Meditation Practice

2.One who cleansed his impurities through his speech through language , Grammar (Sanskrit).

1. Cosmic universal sound of Sanskrit

2. Semantics of Sanskrit to enrich your semantic universe for deeper connection with the self

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh
Yoga Training in Rishikesh
Gallery Yoga and Meditation - Prakruti Yogashala

3.One who cleansed impurities of body through ayurvedic medicine

1. Knowledge Of Ayurveda

2. Knowledge Of Pranayama

Gallery Yoga and Meditation - Prakruti Yogashala
Gallery Yoga and Meditation - Prakruti Yogashala
Gallery Yoga and Meditation - Prakruti Yogashala

About The Three Cleanses:

I bow down to that highest sage Patanjali. Its a reminder to every human being to learn these knowledges through bhakti and Yukti. So Our school follows these three important pillars for building strong foundation for an individual growth. Our programs are based on building strong foundations in breathing mechanics of body movement, semantics of Sanskrit, yoga sutras in practical life, anatomy in application to the body movement of yoga asanas, experiencing cultural art forms to build connection with culture and the self, Ayurveda for the knowledge of food in day-to-day life, and medicine.

Our Ayurvedic Medicine & The Food

1. Ayurvedic Medicine

2. Food

3. Knowledge Of Ayurveda

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