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About Neural Network

Where Modern Science Meets With Yogic Science

So it is about training the neural networks of our brain. The best of the best things that you can put to your neural network will do an amazing work for your existence. For example, whatever content we put in our neurons, in our brain, in our active brain, that’s how our habits are developed, that’s how our patterns are formed. Now if you re-change these patterns using the content of Yoga Sutra, Samkhya Darshan, Indian classical music, mantras, the meanings of these words, the semantics of these words, language, building with strong foundation of understanding and practicing and staying with Aum, staying with your breath, getting the basic awareness of how to breathe, how to use your body, how to move your body. 

So once you start to understand the basic mechanics of your mind, body and breath, about your language, about the food that you eat, and if you can bring these basic changes in your life, then you can see it can do an amazing spiritual progress in your life, a practical one, which can create strong foundation for your life.

Yoga Course by Prakruti Yogashala

Rewire Neural Patterns For Strong Awareness

You can change your habits, you can change your routine, you can change yourself, you can change your karmas based on the strong sadhana and the intentful life you live. You can excel at whatever you do in your life, whether it be teaching yoga or doing painting or being a musician or being whatever you want from a salesperson to accountant to computer scientist. If the awareness, if the basic awareness from inside hits, if you are aware about your existence, so this will create a big change in your life. Because in Indian spirituality, we start with basic questioning that there is suffering and misery in life and how to end this misery or suffering is by removing avidya, that is ignorance. And one of the biggest ignorance is not knowing the self. 

So practicing and staying with these simple things can enhance one’s spiritual progression to a great level.

Yoga Course by Prakruti Yogashala

About TTC (Teacher Training Course) which aims to generate Teachers of Authentic, Classical and Traditional Yoga; will cover in general the following :


  • Classical Yoga; Etymological Meaning Definitions & Traditions Of “Yoga”
  • Indian Philosophy (Darshanas)
  • Samkhya Philosophy
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Hatha Yoga: Meaning and Salient distinguishing features
  • Prana, Nadis, Chakras and Kundalini
  • Indian Culture and it’s Sallient Features
  • Mantra and it’s Significance
  • OM, it’s Signficance and Methods of Chanting
  • Anatomy and Physiology (as unfolded in practices)
  • Yoga Therapy and Counselling
  • Fundamental Principles of Yoga
  • Gist of Bhgvad Gita
Darshan Ji at Prakruti Yogashala

Daily chanting of more than 25 traditional, significance and melodious mantras

Practices (all having traditional and textual backing)

  • Daily practice of Shuddhi Kriyas
  • Sukshma Vyayama (Rotational Exercises)Asanas; Pranayama; Mudras & Bandhas
  • Asanas; Pranayama; Mudras & Bandhas
  • Meditation
  • PYS & Mantra Chanting
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Traditional Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation) with Mantras
  • Dynamic Practices for Core Strength
Gallery Yoga and Meditation - Prakruti Yogashala

Teaching practice by participants (Every day)

Question/Answer session (Every day)

Music, dance and celebration (Every day)

Sight-Seeing on break-days

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